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MORLENDE only launch natural ingredient and premium quality product, we believe only good reputation able to make us survive. Every customer’s skin problems are our responsibility. The product originates from France and manufactures in GMP standard cleanroom to ensure product’s quality and safety. We have a cosmetics Research & Development team, five of the engineers have more than 10 years experiences in this area.


There are many brands of skin care product in the market. Most of them are focus on moisturising and hydrating, they might promote their product has repairing effect but does not have any ingredient which can repair severe injure skin in fact. All of the top repairing ingredients are very expensive, therefore few companies willing to inject most of the money at ingredient part. Furthermore, severe skin disease patients difficult to have a right and suitable product for them. So based on these reasons, I make the best effort to launch repairing series products. In addition, female always want to have a white and bright skin, so we develop a series of whitening products which suitable for all users, even sensitive skin user. This enable the user able to have a white and bright skin after their skin repaired and recovered.

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